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Your Plan of Care is Centered Around You

When you transition your care to home infusion, you will have spoken with a few different medical professionals about your plan of care. Your physician, pharmacist, nurses, case manager, and home health staff will all be working together to oversee the success of your treatment. You will have a 'plan of care' that these professionals will put together. These care plans are unique to the individual because each Patient has different conditions and needs. What is included in your plan of care? Some items are-

  • What type of medical treatment and support the Patient needs

  • The duration of the Patient's treatment (or home infusion medication)

  • Instructions for the Patient during their treatment

  • What kind of equipment or supplies the Patient needs

  • How often the home health nurses visit

  • A general health assessment

  • Goals for the Patient after completing the home infusion treatment

  • Dietary restrictions if any, required of the Patient

These items and more will all point to how a Patient is able to complete their plan of care and meet their goals. Based off of the Patient's overall health and diagnostic reports, your Clinical Pharmacist will collaborate with the prescribing physician to evaluate what medications and infusion treatment will be best for your condition. The case manager and nurses will help transition the care from an acute care setting to home. At Landmark, we have a Patient Educator and Dietitian who personally visits Patients in the hospital to explain the directions, equipment, and medication the Patient will receive for their home infusion medication. She will be able to answer any questions before they are discharged. Once the Patient is home, our team at Landmark is also able to coordinate home health nurse visits to keep the Patient monitored periodically to ensure their plan of care is on schedule and is being followed correctly. If you are a Patient, you may wonder, "What can I do to ensure my plan of care is successful?"

Here are some steps you can take as the Patient-

  • Follow all directions given to you by your medical professionals

  • Be sure to keep all doctors' appointments to follow up

  • Make sure to answer or return missed calls from Landmark as they may be concerning your medication refills

  • If you are given dietary restrictions, make sure to follow them strictly to not interfere with your treatment.

  • Be sure to never miss an infusion and if you have questions or are unsure, call your home health nurse or pharmacy immediately.

It is crucial for each Patient to stay in communication with their healthcare professionals and to follow their care plans for the success of the treatment and to avoid being readmitted to the hospital. As always if you have any questions for Landmark, we are here for you 24/7 by calling 866-388-3883.

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