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What Should I Look for in a Home Infusion Company?

Whether you are a prescribing physician, case manager, discharge planner or a patient needing home infusion therapy, there are important factors to look for when deciding on a home infusion provider. Ultimately, a home infusion company that values safety, efficiency, and timeliness is important for all parties involved to reduce readmissions to the hospital and to ensure the best possible outcomes with the Patient’s plan of care. A few key points to look for when deciding on a home infusion provider are timely and efficient deliveries, coordinated care, excellent customer service, and being a Patient safety advocate.

Timely Deliveries

When Patients are discharged from the hospital, it is crucial for the Patient to have a seamless transition to home infusion therapy, which is why we prioritize timely deliveries of home infusion medication and supplies. Patients will know when to expect their home infusion package and it will be delivered by one of our friendly team members right to the Patient’s home. Our referral partners can count on us because we specialize in quick, same-day discharges. Once our Intake staff receives an order, they begin working immediately to verify insurance benefits to calculate the financial feasibility of the therapy.

Coordinated Care

Having a team of experienced clinicians to review orders to ensure nothing is missed and take responsibility in the management of the Patient’s therapy from start to finish is a huge deciding factor when looking at home infusion companies. At Landmark, we have policies and procedures in place to effectively lower error rates and our experiences team ensures all orders are clinically appropriate. We also have contacts with multiple home health nursing agencies to coordinate each Patient’s care. We know how stressful discharging from the hospital can be so we take as much work off our referral partners, patients, and caregivers and coordinate care to make the transition to home infusion positive and effective.

Excellent Customer Service

Consistent communication and customer service are important factors when looking at any company, and even more so in post-acute homecare. Both our Patients and Referral Partners have access to speak with a LIVE pharmacist 24/7 by calling 866-388-3883. Home infusion therapy can sometimes be intimidating for Patients to learn which is why education and resources are extremely important to the success of the Patient. At Landmark, we have Patient educators who visit the Patient in the hospital before they are discharged so they already understand how to infuse the medication once they get home. We also have a Patient library with extensive resources in both video and text formats. Our office continue to check in with Patients until the end of their therapy.

Patient Safety Advocate

Patient safety is one of the most important things to look for in a home infusion provider. At Landmark, we seek home infusion therapies that have a higher stability and sterility and we use elastomerics which are tamper proof and have less contamination issues. When our Patient Educator teaches Patients in the hospital about their home infusion therapies, they teach until the Patient is competent and confident self-infusing to prevent missing any doses once they are home. Finally, our sterile medications are compounded in our USP-797 cleanrooms under stringent requirements by our highly trained pharmacy technicians that are supervised by experienced clinical pharmacists.

Looking for a home infusion company is an important decision when the safety of Patients is in their hands. For Referral Partners and Patients in DFW/North Texas, Landmark Infusion prioritizes what is important to ensure timeliness, coordinated care, excellent customer service, and Patient safety. For more information and to contact Landmark Infusion, please call 866-388-3883.

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