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Transitioning Your Patients to Home Infusion

For Case Managers, Discharge Planners, Nurses, Physicians, and Social Workers that are coordinating care for their Patients to transition to home infusion, there's a lot of planning and organization that needs to take place. We make it our goal at Landmark to take the work off your plate to make the transition for your Patient as seamless and carefree as possible. We prioritize the safety and success of all our Patients on home infusion therapy. Before the Patient is discharged, our skilled team of Pharmacy professionals work quickly and efficiently to take the following items off your plate-

  • Home Health Coordination

  • Verify or Find the Following Physician

  • Robust Assessment & Education

  • Evaluate Home Environment

  • Help with Discharge Barriers

Our Intake team makes it easy to send an order for home infusion medication for a Patient. We call this a "clean order". There are multiple benefits to receiving a clean order, some are timely processing, limited need to go back and forth getting information, and smoother transitions home. If you have a Patient in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that is needing to transition to home infusion, please include the following items on your 1-step "clean order"-

  • Medication or Therapy

  • Dose, Frequency, Length of Therapy

  • Recent Labs

  • Physician Signature

  • Diagnosis

  • IV Access Information

  • Heparin – Saline Orders for Flushing

  • First Dose Information

  • Clinical Records

  • Anticipated Discharge Date

Our Intake staff works on each order as soon as we receive it to ensure the delivery of the Patients' home infusion medication is timely. As soon as our Pharmacy receives the order, three things are started by our staff. They are-

  • We provide Confirmation of Receipt of Order

  • Landmark Infusion Intake & Coordination launches our ‘Go-Home’ Process

  • Our in-the-field team starts working the order at the ground level pulling together major elements of the order

Our Pharmacy is here to help you and your Patients as they transfer to home infusion. Our Pharmacy fax number is (888) 249-3132 and our email is

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