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The Joint Commission Accreditation

The Joint Commission is a global accreditation body that ensures rigorous standards and safety precautions so healthcare organizations can excel in providing safe and effective health care. The Joint Commission was founded in 1951 and today it accredits and certifies more than 22,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the United States. The Joint Commission is the largest standards-setting and accreditation body in health care. Accreditation is not mandatory, so health care organizations voluntarily pursue this accreditation. It is important to work with a company who is accredited with The Joint Commission because it shows that the company is focused on patient safety and quality health care. Standards such as infection control, medication management, patient fall prevention, and employee compliance evaluation are among some of the standards that are evaluated at each survey.

The Joint Commission accreditation awards last for three years. Therefore, it is important that healthcare organizations continue to keep up with the compliance standards and pay attention to any changes that might occur. The Joint Commission has a plethora of resources for healthcare organizations that seek to obtain accreditation. At Landmark, we have managers who are dedicated to keeping with up with the standards in healthcare and ensuring that Landmark continues to provide healthcare that aligns with the safety and performance measures all year long. Our Compliance Officer, Director of Operations, and Human Resources and Communication Manager work together to assess our staff's performance, patient safety, and overall evaluation of our policies and procedures so that we are performing with the upmost safety and precaution in mind.

Landmark has been accredited with The Joint Commission since 2006. At the time, we were only a DME provider and in 2011 when our Infusion Pharmacy opened, we became accredited in both DME and Pharmacy. This year in 2022, Landmark was surveyed again by The Joint Commission and our accreditation was renewed. The process of becoming accredited is very thorough and extensive. For Landmark, we had two staff members from The Joint Commission come onsite to our offices for one week. We were evaluated in DME/homecare and Infusion Pharmacy areas of our business. Our employees, equipment, clean rooms, compliance and HR records, and policies and procedures were evaluated and observed. This process is not taken lightly and our staff is aware of the seriousness of Patient safety. This accreditation verifies that Landmark meets the most rigorous quality and safety standards for our Patients. For our Patients and Referral Partners, knowing that you are working with a homecare provider who has obtained the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission means that you can rest assured that our staff takes Patient safety and compliance seriously.

Landmark's Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission can be viewed at the link below-

For more information about The Joint Commission, you can visit their website at

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