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The Importance of Quality Control in Home Infusion

Landmark is a local company providing home infusion services for Patients across the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our office in Irving is home to our state of the art USP-797 cleanrooms. All of the infusion medication and nutrition that is delivered to our Patients are compounded in these sterile cleanrooms. Compounded by highly trained Infusion Technicians and are supervised by experienced Clinical Infusion Pharmacists. In the picture below, you can see one of our Pharmacy Technicians in action, fully gowned up in the cleanroom with one of our Pharmacists standing outside checking the medication labels.

This picture shows just one example of how we use quality control through the entire Infusion process. Our Pharmacist shown in the picture is our Pharmacy Production Manager. She is involved in daily operations, monitoring the accuracy of prescription preparation and delivery. This involves enforcing best practice guidelines in the preparation of sterile products and ensuring the accuracy of dispensed products, overseeing quality control by managing compounding pharmacy technicians, supervising the storage and dispensing of prepared prescriptions, coordination of production and delivery times to meet patient needs, and inventory management.

Accuracy is one of the most important skills to maintain in Home Infusion settings. Without strict quality control policies and procedures in place along with precision and correctness being a priority of all team members, we would not be able to operate effectively. Our structure allows for multiple accuracy checks to not allow any mistakes or discrepancies fall through the cracks. Everything is double checked from the time we receive an order all the way through the point of delivery. In the case that a mistake is found, we will reconcile it immediately and if needed, we will start over to make sure the medication or nutrition is compounded without error. Landmark's policies and procedures were developed to ensure that every delivery has been checked for quality and high standards before it reaches the Patient's home.

The roles that each of our Pharmacy team members hold in their different positions are clearly outlined and expectations are communicated through our onboarding training, and continue to be enforced daily. One responsibility that must be performed by any of our Staff Pharmacists to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of any of our home infusion drug orders by exercising sound professional judgment with respect to the accuracy and authenticity of any prescription drug order dispensed. If the Pharmacist questions the accuracy or authenticity of a prescription drug order, the Pharmacist shall verify the order with the Practitioner prior to dispensing. Our Pharmacy Technicians who operate in the cleanroom use aseptic technique and their prior education and skills to compound all medications or nutrition products. Both our Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who work in and out of the cleanroom by compounding, checking, and dispensing medications must have obtained an additional certification showing that they have mastered the skills necessary to compound IV medications.

Stressing the importance of accuracy, quality assurance, and rigor is essential to the operation of our business and most importantly, Patient safety. Above all else, we want our Patients, their Caregivers and Referral Partners to know that we can take the stress off of them to worry about the quality, safety, and effectiveness of everything we produce and dispense. By working with Landmark, you can let us handle the responsibility of cross checking and verifying quality so you can focus on your (or your Patients') health.

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