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Socially Distanced Winter Activities

Christmastime is usually filled with family gatherings, holiday events, and parties. However, this year in 2020, things may look a little different considering the pandemic and social distancing guidelines. However, there are still safe activities to participate in that can bring out the holiday spirit. If you aren't able to entertain guests or gather in large groups this year, here are some ideas on winter activities that can be done from home or from a safe distance.

  1. Winter Organizing It can be both fun and therapeutic to go through closets, drawers, boxes, and the garage to organize your things and set things aside to donate. There are so many organizations and charities that are always in need of donations such as The Salvation Army, thrift stores, women's shelters, and more. Some charities will even come to you to pick up donations. You're able to clear out your clutter and someone in need gets to be blessed by your generosity. It's a win-win situation!

  2. Knitting/Sewing Not only are knitting and sewing a relaxing hobby, but it also provides a chance to make warm items like hats, scarves, mittens, etc. for family members as gifts. Making something by hand to show a loved one you are thinking about them during this time is a lovely gift. Aren't sure where to start? There are so many resources at our fingertips from how-to videos on Youtube, to articles online, to instructional books you can order online. If you're staying home and away from large gatherings, it's the perfect time to try out a new hobby.

  3. Zoom Holiday Party The online program, Zoom is an awesome way to stay connected with friends and family by seeing everyone and being able to talk with each other while staying socially distanced in separate locations. You can plan a holiday party by scheduling a Zoom meeting and having everyone log on at a specific time to your specific Zoom meeting. You can even still participate in some of your normal holiday traditions, but from a safe distance. For example, for Thanksgiving, you can each take turns and talk about what you're thankful for. For Christmas, everyone can bake and decorate cookies in their own homes while listening to Christmas music in the background and visiting with each other over Zoom. This is a fantastic way to stay socially engaged with each other, but physically separated.

  4. Socially Distanced Cookie/Dessert Swap This is an excellent way to stay physically distanced from neighbors while still getting to bake and enjoy yummy treats. You can organize a cookie or dessert swap where each house on the street/neighborhood bakes their favorite cookies (or dessert) and drops it off at a neighbor's house. Each house that receives a treat, drops one off at another house. This is a fun (and tasty) way to enjoy the holidays and try some new homemade goodies.

  5. Send Holiday Cards to Our Military While we're at home, many of our men and women serving in the military are not able to be home for the holidays. What a great way to lift the spirits of our armed forces by sending them holiday cards wishing them a safe Christmas! They are in need of warm wishes in every season, but a little encouragement during the holiday season would go a long way to show love and thoughtfulness to the selfless people serving in our military.

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