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Safe and Timely Transitions to Homecare

Our Referral Partners consist of Case Managers, Social Workers, Prescribing Physicians, and any other healthcare professionals who have Patients needing transition to homecare. Our referrals have a priority to guarantee Patients have a safe and timely transition home. At Landmark, we come alongside our Referral Partners to help each Patient's transition home is streamlined, professional, and seamless. A home infusion provider, such as Landmark, must be expert in providing Patients these safe and timely transitions home, or it can result in medication errors, gaps in treatment, low customer satisfaction and lead to readmissions to the hospital. Our dynamic and caring staff at Landmark is highly trained in providing not only a high level of customer satisfaction but also clinical expertise and knowledge to take some of the work and concern off our Referral Partners' plates by delivering successful results for every Patient.

We have mastered our 'Go-Home Process' that provides the best possible transition of care for every Patient and Referral Partner we work with. Our Go-Home Process combines USP-797 sterile therapies with best practices in 5 steps-

1. Infusion Assessment

Our staff will assess every Patient upon Intake to determine if they are a good candidate for home infusion therapy. We will ensure that the home environment and the Patient's capabilities allow for home infusion and the follow-up with homecare providers. Our Clinical Pharmacists thoroughly review and evaluate the risk and success factors for each new order, including Patient medical records, lab reports, and clinical notes at the initial stages of our process. Once a Patient is approved for home infusion therapy, we verify and possibly adjust the order, always with the approval of the Physician, based on the Patient's most currently available lab reports.

2. Home Coordination

Coordinating the Patient's care to home requires a lot of moving parts across multiple providers. Our staff works immediately to start coordinating each piece of care. We begin by verifying the Patient's insurance benefits and identify any out-of-pocket costs for the Patient. We coordinate any additional labs and home health staff, and we make the Patient aware of every step of their order. We offer turn-key coordination: arranging nursing, creating communication regarding the Plan of Care, and easing the burden on our referral customers. We do not use third parties for our coordination. All the work of qualifying Patients for approval and maximizing their insurance reimbursement is performed by our own experts, who are experienced in even the most complex intravenous therapies.

3. Medication Reconciliation

Our experienced Clinical Infusion Pharmacists perform a comprehensive and structured process of discovery to identify a best possible medication history ("BPMH") for each Patient, including verification with other treating providers, the Patient and Caregiver, and an examination of Patient chart records. This is necessary to ensure safe prescribing and forms a foundation throughout the length of therapy. The BPMH is shared and reconciled with outside members of the Patient's care team, and a comparison of that list against Infusion Orders prior to therapy is performed.

4. Care Plan Configuration

Landmark Clinical Infusion Pharmacists take responsibility for configuring our Patients' Care Plans, including setting therapy goals, evaluating Patient needs, establishing monitoring intervals, verifying following Physicians, and identifying intervention flags. We make sure the care plan is customized for each Patient's therapy goals and coordinated and communicated across all providers and to the Patient.

5. Monitoring & Communication

We also maintain high levels of proactive communication with our referral customers, labs and home health agencies. We stay in close contact with our Patients on a regular basis to let them what is going on with their therapy and help continually educate and remind them of the fundamentals successful to their therapy. We communicate with the following Physician and keep an eye out for any breakdowns in the Plan of Care or communication we can help fill. It is a critical that the flow of information is orchestrated by the homecare provider so our Patients can focus on getting better.

Our Go-Home process has been perfected by our Pharmacy and used for the success of thousands of Patients across North Texas transition home with IV Infusion therapies. Our Referral Partners know and trust our staff to take the very complicated process of transitioning their Patients to Home Infusion and deliver results to benefit each Patient and Referral Partner.

We are available 24/7 for our Patients and Referrals and our staff can be reached at any time at 866-388-3883. By calling this number, you can speak to a live Pharmacist to get your questions answered quickly.

To get started on ordering Patients' home infusion therapies, healthcare professionals can find our Referral order forms by following this link-

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