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Patient Satisfaction

One of our highest priorities at Landmark is customer service and Patient satisfaction. We know that the process to transitioning home to home infusion or adjusting to new home medical equipment can be daunting and that's why our staff is trained to deliver high quality customer service to answer all of our Patients' and Caregivers' questions and ease their worries. We are have processed over 340 thousands orders for Patients in North Texas and take pride in our staff's ability to provide exceptional customer service from the very beginning of receiving an order all the way through the end of therapy. Our "Go-Home Process" combines USP-797 sterile therapies with best practices for Transitions of Care. We know that our Patients and Referrals need homecare partners that can provide seamless transitions to home and that is our goal with every order we receive.

Since Landmark's beginning, we have guaranteed a 'Landmark Level of Service' for each Patient, Caregiver, and Referral Partner we work with. One aspect of our exceptional customer service is that we are available 24/7 to coordinate with our Patients and Referral Partners to help achieve the best outcome for their Plan of Care. When our Patients begin on home infusion services with us, they can call at any time and speak to a live pharmacist to get their questions answered. We are not only available for our Patients at any time, but we also give each Patient individualized training on their specific home infusion therapy and/or home medical equipment. Our Patient Educator will meet home infusion Patients in the hospital before they are discharged to provide training and education so they feel comfortable and confident to begin their infusions at home. We will continue to follow up with Patients weekly to ensure safety and order any new supplies or refills of their medication.

We have had many of our Patients provide great feedback. Here is what some of our Patients have taken the time to write publicly about Landmark and our service-

One Patient wrote, "This company employs people who truly care about their patients. Every interaction I've had has been pleasant and friendly. When you're sick, it can be hard to understand so many medical things. And when I had an insurance issue, they jumped on it and it resolved right away!"

Another Patient wrote, "Love Landmark and so helpful. They are quick with their response, and they start working on the orders ASAP. Very informational and great about checking in to see if you need anything and if everything is alright with your medication."

Another wrote, "Excellent customer service. The employees did an amazing job to get everything set up to get me out of the hospital asap, and has checked on me frequently. Everyone in the company is so caring and friendly. Hopefully i never need their service again but if i do, I will always use Landmark!"

One Patient wrote, "Always on time with calls on medicine and supplies. Never had to wait for anything. Keeps up to date with the drs orders and any medication changes. Very professional and courteous and respectful. Follows through to make sure the medicine delivery was received."

Another Patient wrote, "Excellent communication. Very nice. for my needs."

Another wrote, "Always super nice and very professional!"

We are so thankful for these Patients and more that have taken the time to provide such positive and helpful feedback. We will continue to provide exceptional customer service for Patients throughout North Texas. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 866-388-3883 to speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members.

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