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Landmark's New Patient App- CITUS

Landmark Infusion is rolling out our brand new Patient app for our Home Infusion Patients called CITUS. This easy to use app is designed to improve Patient communication with our pharmacy staff. This app will enable Patients to communicate virtually with our pharmacy technicians and pharmacists, provide easier access to education materials, and allow Patients to track their medication deliveries. How can I get started on the CITUS app? We will be starting by asking new Patients if they are interested in downloading the app and we will send them a text from their phone that goes through the steps with them. For our current Patients already on home infusion therapy, we will start transitioning them over to the app. What all will I be able to access in the CITUS app? From the home screen, you will see 5 major buttons- 'Message Center', 'Form Center', 'Education Center', and 'Start a new Chat'. Through the message center, you can send and receive messages from our pharmacy staff. This is an excellent way to communicate with our staff efficiently and quickly. If you have a question pertaining to supplies, medication refill, or The form center may contain forms for you to fill out if needed. The education center contains education materials, manuals, and copies of everything you may need to remember the steps of your home infusion. The document center will contain any documents that pertain to you as the Patient or your medication delivery documents. When you click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left hand of your screen on the app, you will see a button option for "Delivery Center". You will also receive a message in the app when your home infusion medication delivery is on its way to you. You will be able to track the delivery in the app. In your profile, you can check to make sure personal information is correct and choose a profile picture if desired. Downloading the CITUS app is not required for our Home Infusion Patients, but it is highly encouraged and provided as an option for those who have the capabilities. We believe this app will greatly improve communication and accessibility for every Patient who uses it.

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