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Home Infusion and the Holidays

We are now in the thick of the holiday season. Amidst the hustle and bustle of everything that goes with the holidays, balancing schedules can be difficult for everyone, especially our Patients, their Caregivers, and Referral Partners managing home infusion therapies. Our staff at Landmark is always available for our Patients, 24/7/365 including the holidays. Our Patients are never more than one call away from speaking to a live pharmacist to get their questions and concerns handled.

Home Infusion Patients are able to enjoy the holidays and quality time with their family the same as anyone else. While there is an extra layer of coordination when it comes to timing out infusions, it doesn’t mean that these Patients can't visit family or participate in the family traditions they have in years past. One of the best things about home infusion is that these therapies allow Patients to be present at home and able return to their daily lives without the need to stay at the hospital or infusion centers for extended periods of time. According to the National Home Infusion Foundation, "95% of patients who receive IV medications prefer to be treated at home and 98% of patients are highly satisfied with their home infusion services". ( These are important to know when a Patient is considering to go on home infusion therapy.

It is our goal at Landmark to be there to support our Patients and Referral Partners from the minute we receive an order all the way through the end of the Patient's therapy. While we're in the holiday season, here are four reminders that Patients and their Caregivers can follow to have successful outcomes for their home infusion while also being present for quality time with their loved ones.

1.Keep Your Calendar Organized and Updated

The holidays are a busy time. Especially in the DFW area, there are so many events going on almost every day of the week. It's important to set reminders for yourself so you do not miss an infusion. By keeping your calendar updated, it also allows for Caregivers to stay informed and help you manage your time wisely between family and social events and your necessary infusions. Staying organized is key all year long, and especially during the holidays when life gets busier.

2, Take Precautions to Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is extremely important, not only for you, but for those around you as well. It has been reported that flu cases are on the rise in North Texas. Remembering proper handwashing technique, staying home if you don't feel well, and getting the flu vaccine can all help you avoid getting the flu. It is also important to encourage loved ones to take these extra precautions to avoid getting you and others sick.

3. Plan Ahead With Family

Will you be traveling for the holidays? Whether you're driving across town, flying to see loved ones, or hosting family at your home it is important to plan ahead and include your infusions in your planning. When everyone is on the same page, it makes sticking to the plans easier and less stressful.

4. Stay in Communication

It's important to stay in communication with Landmark staff, your physicians, and nurses according to your plan of care. Make sure you keep your phone on you and answer any calls you receive from any of your healthcare providers before the holidays. Try not to wait until the last minute to order your refills and supplies from Landmark by calling us ahead of time to get those refills entered so you can cross that off your to-do list early. From all of us at Landmark, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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