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Prioritizing Patient Safety

Patient Safety is one of our top priorities at Landmark. We have put extra measures, precautions, educational materials, and 24/7 support in place for all of our Patients who receive home infusion medication & supplies and home medical equipment. We are here to support our Patients and their Caregivers and equip them with the tools and resources to be successful with their transition to home infusion therapy. Outlined below are some of the extra steps our professional staff at Landmark take to ensure Patient safety-

1. Patients on Home Infusion receive education prior to discharging from the hospital.

Before Home Infusion Patients are discharged, our Patient Educator visits them in the hospital (and sometimes is able to do virtual visits) to go through the Home Infusion supplies and teaches the Patients how to infuse their unique home infusion therapy. There are different methods of infusions depending on the Patient's needs and our Patient Educator is able to customize her teaching process to each Patient. She makes sure the Patient is comfortable with the steps of the Infusion so that when they arrive at home, they can start their infusion without interruptions.

2. Patients on Home Infusion receive access to an education portal with multiple instructional resources.

From visual learners, to auditory learners, to those who learn best through reading, we have several different resources to accommodate for different learning styles. That is why we have instructional PDFs that include step-by-step written instructions with pictures included and we have videos that show each step of the infusion. By having multiple educational resources available in the portal and on our website, we make it easy for Patients to access these materials at any time. These can help Patients and their Caregivers ensure that no step is missed in the infusion. As soon as a Patient starts on service with us, they have the option to download our app with access to our library of education materials. These materials help with making sure the Patient understands the step and takes all of the necessary safety precautions.

3. 24/7 Support for Patients

Our Pharmacists are always on-call and available for our Patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients can give us a call at anytime at (866) 388-3883. When Patients call this number, they will be able to reach a live Pharmacist and get the support they need quickly. We are always available to answer any Patient safety questions.

4. The Patient's Plan of Care is Carefully Followed and Coordinated The Landmark staff ensures all Patients have coordinated care from the time we receive the order all the way through the end of therapy. Our staff is able to coordinate home health agencies, medication and supplies delivery, and follow-ups with the Patient to confirm the home infusion therapy is going well. Our staff works closely with the prescribing physician, case manager, and all discharge staff to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and the Patient is taken care of. Our Clinical Pharmacists check every order multiple times to make sure everything is being followed as prescribed.

5. Landmark Staff follows up with Patients weekly Following up with our Patients is a necessary step of ensuring Patient safety. We call our Patients weekly and check on how their home infusions are going and to make sure they have enough of the correct medication and supplies. Our Landmark staff wants our Patients to know that we will follow up with them every step of the way to ensure all protocols are being followed and they have everything they need for a successful home infusion therapy. If you have any questions, remember we have 24/7 support for all of our Patients. Please visit for all of our contact information to get in touch with us.

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