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Our Capabilities 

We take care of our Patients and solve Referral problems for complex home infusion and home medical equipment orders in North Texas.  We are fast and efficient, seeking to provide immediate high quality Homecare products and service with minimal touches.  We are in-network for most health insurance networks, including Medicare and Medicaid.  We have 24-7 Customer and Clinical Support for our Patients.

But that's not enough!  Patients and Referrals need more from a Homecare provider, so Landmark provides Seamless Transitions of Care to reduce length of stays and Robust Follow-Through to help prevent readmissions.  We provide a flexible and easy to understand process that includes robust Assessments, Education and Reeducation, Discharge, Monitoring, Communication and Interventions.

We help DRIVE the discharge process and help orchestrate the patient’s ability to discharge.  We help coordinate and execute Patient Plan of Homecare through well rehearsed procedures, and we help monitor Patient compliance and therapy goal progress to monitor and mitigate readmission risk.

Our 'Go-Home' Transitions of Care Process Includes:

  • Identifying high readmission risk patients,

  • Coordinating Home Health,

  • Verifying Following Physician,

  • Leading Medication Reconciliation Charge,

  • Speaking with Patient to Prepare them for Discharge,

  • Evaluating and Reporting on their Home Environment,

  • Speaking with the patient weekly regarding their compliance, and evaluating the need for intervention,

  • Providing Reminders to Address readmission Risks, and

  • Providing Feedback on Outcomes and Adherence and Therapy Goals to Referring partners.

Our Capabilities also include comprehensive and custom reporting for Outcome tracking and performance monitoring.  We are able to provide timely information, to not only prove Outcomes, but trigger interventions to improve Outcomes.

Experience a Landmark Level of Service!

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